Red Dog Linings


The RDL range of hardfaced products is manufactured according to our own highest quality standards to provide our clients with long-life wear resistant solutions. Our products ensure an increased industrial “uptime” and remain a tried and tested reference for protection under the harshest abrasion conditions.

RDL Hardfaced Products

RDL Chrome Carbide Hardfaced Fabrication
RDL Chrome Carbide Hardfaced Pipe
RDL Chrome Carbide Hardfaced Plate
RDL-Lite 6mm Hardfaced Plate
Automatic and Semi-Automatic Hardfacing Overlay
Roll Reclamation and New Manufacture
Crane Wheel Refurbishment
RDL-VAC Tungsten Carbide Plate


RDL Abrasion Resistant Products

RDL-400Hb AR Plate
RDL-500Hb AR Plate
RDL-Pipe Long Life Piping Solutions

RDL Hardfacing Consumables

Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes
MMA Hardfacing Electrodes
Hardfacing Flux Cored Wires

Abrasion Resistant Castings