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By Phil Leonard, Managing Director – Red Dog Linings

Within the abrasion resistant products industrial sector, globally so many different terms are used for principally what is the same product. Having recently appointed a marketing consultant when rebranding our business from Triten to Red Dog Linings; one of the primary goals we had was to maintain SEO ranking worldwide for our primary products and services.

By Anthony Weedon, Export Manager – Red Dog Linings


The title seems somewhat dramatic doesn’t it? For engineers specifying chrome carbide hardfacing materials or through-hardened abrasion resistant materials in the glass industry however, it is an unfortunate reality and an issue that is taken extremely seriously. The consequences of ignoring the nickel content of those materials introduced into the production area of plate glass can be catastrophic.

Chromium Carbide Hardfaced Plate

By Phil Leonard, Managing Director – Red Dog Linings

Since it’s creation by Red Dog Linings former Houston based parent company in 1965, chromium carbide hardfaced plate is produced around the globe by a range of manufacturers. However, “the description on the tin” can often betray a wide range of quality choices to be made by the willing buyer for the hardfacing product.

Pipe System chrome carbide plate

Where to use chrome carbide overlaid plates in cement, steel, glass, mining, recycling and other industries subject to abrasion?

By Technical Director, Dorival Tecco, C.Eng, Ph.D,M.Weld.I. – Red Dog Linings

The commonest form of overlaid chrome carbide plates is where the hard layer is deposited on a weldable steel base by fusion welding. Chrome carbide is the most popular type due to the flexibility in applying heavy deposits.  The availability of products such as T200X ™ are lower cost in comparison. Out of the different welding processes used to manufacture these plates, “bulk welding” is one of the most efficient due to the production throughput and cost (one of our ancestral company’s inventions back in 1965).